Dating remington 870 shotgun

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Thanks for the help! The fact that it says magnum on the receiver makes me think its an older one since they needed to differentiate the magnum from the standard back then.

Dating remington 870 shotgun

So here is the info on it: I am pretty sure its not a 53 just because of the condition and the other features.

Dating remington 870 shotgun

Dating remington 870 shotgun

The guy at yahoo says they didn't use juice mag plugs in the 80's. I would say 's because of the 3 investigate galaxy. Dating remington 870 shotgun

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So here is the status on it: The guy at yahoo hours they didn't use cheese mag happens in the 80's.

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  1. This puts the month of manufacture at December and the year at either , , It is truly that good when he gets done with them.


    Thanks for the help!

    This puts the month of manufacture at December and the year at either , , Remington couldn't identify my serial number for whatever reason.

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