Dating globe wernicke bookcases

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Replacements are available for the first two equalizer types. Around , GW introduced the Monticello style [34][36]. Small enough to stand on the floor beside a chair, it was an ideal companion for the bookworm, and is still being made.

Dating globe wernicke bookcases

Later, an equalizer having an additional member for sliding was used. Others, towards the later part of the colonial period, were made of pine, frequently stained or varnished, and featuring the typical Edwardian machine carvings in the pediments and lower door panels.

Dating globe wernicke bookcases

Dating globe wernicke bookcases

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  1. The Washington style featured sideways sliding wood or glass doors. Learn about Bookcases The glass-fronted bookcase entered the English cabinetmakers' repertoire about the midth century, and the bookcase in one form or another has been an indispensable part of the civilized person's home ever since.

    The Washington style featured sideways sliding wood or glass doors. Some styles were only available with particular types of door glass.

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