Dating but not exclusive

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It does not follow that a poly relationship must have lack of trust, nor absence of prioritizing feelings and welfare, or that when these things exist in one, they are qualitatively different than those in a supposed monogamous relationship. The term "exclusive relationships" is regardless of you both getting intimate or not. Are you OK with getting dumped after spending x-amount of time bending yourself to fit what he wants?

Dating but not exclusive

Since breaking up with him isn't an option, per your Ask, then you have two options as I see it: You have to do what's best for yourself, and while I certainly don't know exactly what that is for you, your description of this relationship especially the guy's "low self-esteem" spiel and the high intensity and of your feelings in it hits really close to home for me.

Dating but not exclusive

Dating but not exclusive

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  1. Zulkishura

    If a guy you have only known for a month and a half is generating that much superficial excitement, you have probably been neglecting you; you should be able to feel incredible, etc, without external assistance. If you can dial it down and view it as a transient thing where the optimal outcome is just:

    I have found it to be better for society than for me, usually. Adult people are independent entities.

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