Dating apparel clothing line

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Every designer and brand, small or large, is working far in advance of the season they are designing for. As a new designer or brand, it can be difficult to establish a realistic timeline to stay on top of the change, especially when it comes to planning for your first season.

Dating apparel clothing line

There are so many other parties involved in your line such as your fabric vendor , trim vendor, label maker , pattern maker, sample maker and production facility just to name a few. You may be surprised after this at how long everything may take. Establish the season you anticipate selling.

Dating apparel clothing line

Dating apparel clothing line

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  1. Stay true to your brand but also make decisions quickly when things arise so you can stay on track as much as possible.

    This can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you are unfamiliar with all of the steps necessary to take a concept through product development.

    Get creative with your problem solving, or what we like to call solution finding. Stay calm and positive!

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