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Many of the Third Ward residents we talked to say they believe the politicians who are charged with representing the members of the community are simply not doing enough to pull their strengths together to fight against what they fear could culturally wipe out generations of families. Three abandoned shotgun houses in Third Ward, property now known as prime real estate to investors. They want to create entrepreneurs and small-business owners from the community to ensure residents aren't displaced by gentrification.

Cuney homes

Mahmood maintains her committee is actively looking at how to prevent the possible displacement of Third Ward's neighbors who cannot afford to live in their own homes as a result of gentrification. Many residents we talked to, though, say they still feel the words "Economic Corridor" mark the initial signal of a "phase-out," and it's only a matter of time before the heart of the Third Ward community, much like Midtown and the Museum District before it, is referred to with another name.

Cuney homes

Cuney homes

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  1. They feel torn because in doing so, they feel as though they are contributing to the ongoing problem.

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