Crazy nicknames for friends

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For a friend who can really do anything she wants to in life. Most people probably misinterpret the relationship you both share but who cares?

Crazy nicknames for friends

In Spanish, this name means friend. Slick Someone who is very smooth with their actions and words may be called Slick. This term of endearment comes from the Spanish language.

Crazy nicknames for friends

Crazy nicknames for friends

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  1. A great option for a friend who is really in sync with you. Pudding Someone with a personality as smooth as pudding can wear this name proudly.

    Ideal for your musician friends.

    This is an excellent choice for your closest pal. For the oldest guy in your friend group.

    Use this for a best friend who is witty or just thinks that he is. For a friend who loves to play or do magic.

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