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A memorial service and celebration of his life will be held at the Charlotte Congregational Church, Charlotte, VT at Sim began a career on Wall Street that would span thirty years. Craig died after succumbing to a rare and aggressive Cancer.

Craigs vt

Prior to his appointment at Vermont Tech, Dr. Craig was not fortunate enough to be born in Vermont, but moved to Vermont to return his wife Leslie to the state where she grew up when it was time to raise their son. In addition to his military and business accomplishments, Craig was a lifelong piano player with near perfect pitch who loved jazz and showtunes with good melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

Craigs vt

Craigs vt

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  1. Following his military service, Mr. Craig died after succumbing to a rare and aggressive Cancer.


    Sim began a career on Wall Street that would span thirty years.

    He will be forever remembered by his friends and family for his sense of humor, his sense of style, his guidance and his strength. Died October 25,


    Craig was a loving husband to Susan and Poppy was a perfect father of son Brandon with his wife Amy, and daughter Stephanie with her husband Chip and Grandfather to his beloved grandchildren William, Charlotte, Teddy and Mackenzie all of whom survive him.

    Damon is probably programming, watching old movies or helping his son research statistics from the British Premier League and yes Craig does have data on every pass made in the league over recent years on his home server.

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