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Country girl has sex

It's just not an ideal choice for family-movie night. As a study of dressing-room politics, the play has little of the subtlety of Joseph Mankiewicz's movie All About Eve; and, because we see no evidence to support the director's view of Georgie as a scheming harpy, the discovery of the truth scarcely shocks. Can you think of any recent Broadway plays or musicals that have been made into movies?

Country girl has sex

Country girl has sex

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  1. His hero, Frank Elgin, is rescued from sozzled oblivion by a steely young director, Bernie Dodd, who casts him as a judge in a potential money-spinner. Allowing for that, Jenny Seagrove gives a perfectly plausible performance as a bookish, determined woman who has suppressed her disappointments to nurse an actor's ego and who, in the play's best line, talks wanly of returning to "the fiesta of a quiet room".

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