Coping with being dumped

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This is a helpful method for folks who are finding it difficult to get over the end of a relationship. Much of the time this is an incorrect assumption, so take the time to do activities that make you feel better about yourself and boost your ego. While you cannot protect yourself from additional pressures during a break-up, consider getting additional support for yourself if the following apply:

Coping with being dumped

Or just to be there to listen to you if you need to talk, cry or need distracting. While they may have hurt you they will have their own view about what has happened and may also be struggling with the split. The idea is to focus on the things you didn't like and no longer have to deal with in order to better cope with the breakup.

Coping with being dumped

Coping with being dumped

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  1. This will pass Over time the feelings of loss, despair and heartbreak should recede.

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