Cool guy ear piercings

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Piercing is based on the acupuncture technique, which can heal numerous problems Daith piercing is known to cure patients of migraine pain. Inner conch piercing involves the lower part of the conch, whereas the upper part is the outer conch area. It is the thick part of the whole ear cartilage.

Cool guy ear piercings

A helix can be pierced with more than one ring. This is one of the most interesting ear-piercing options for both boys and men.

Cool guy ear piercings

Cool guy ear piercings

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  1. When it comes to 3 ear piercings, it would be best if one ear has no helix and both ears have Daith.

    Snug piercing will definitely make you look attractive. Daith piercings are also considered by many for their migraine relief potential.

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