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With the arrival of World War I , psychologists praised self-confidence as greatly decreasing nervous tension, allaying fear, and ridding the battlefield of terror; they argued that soldiers who cultivated a strong and healthy body would also acquire greater self-confidence while fighting. In general, students who perform well have increased confidence which likely in turn encourages students to take greater responsibility to successfully complete tasks.


Individuals low in power and thus in self-confidence are more likely to use coercive methods of influence [52] and to become personally involved while those low in self-confidence are more likely to refer problem to someone else or resort to bureaucratic procedures to influence others e. The Wheel of Wellness includes five life tasks that relate to each other: For example, Fenton suggested that only children as a group are more self-confident than other children.



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  1. For example, Fenton suggested that only children as a group are more self-confident than other children.

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