Condoning means

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Examination boards have discretion to award up to 30 credits to each student in the final stage of the course, provided that the stage mean requirement is met and that the learning outcomes for the course have been met. And this is where judgment must be brought in. Making judgments is a necessary part of the life of a creature with free will and a wide range of options.

Condoning means

Occasionally it may be possible to improve a grand mean so that it falls in a higher classification band; where a sit of a module is given there is greater likelihood of reaching a higher classification band than in the case of a resit. Congress, of course, can condone the wrong and validate the act, but it were better that the act should be validly done, and that there should be no wrong to condone. Therefore, it is quite proper for parents to express disappointment and even disdain for their adult child's significant lifestyle choices such as shacking up with a person with minor children while keeping the door open for love, change and growth.

Condoning means

Condoning means

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