Communication pitfalls

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For instance, your childhood has a lot to do with how you communicate. When it's your impulse to react with anger and frustration, wait. Then, we can question, or rather scrutinize them.

Communication pitfalls

For instance, your childhood has a lot to do with how you communicate. Following are selected generalizations along with possible questions we can use to find out about the true nature of the term in question: We know that listening requires certain skills.

Communication pitfalls

Communication pitfalls

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  1. For instance, Heitler worked with a married couple who had disagreements about having kids. But she did have some concern about spending time together.

    Speak clearly and make your requests known, gently but with self-confidence, while maintaining good relationships. In this article I want to focus on generalization.

    But when they discussed their underlying concerns, they came up with a win-win solution.

    In written communication, check-lists can be of great help — assuming they are comprehensive, or at least as comprehensive as possible.

    Instead, open your heart and begin to embrace diversity. Reacting instead of responding.

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