Coloured smoke tyres sydney

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Highway Max tyres utilise the latest in European technology to recycle used casings that have been subject to a stringent quality control process to ensure faultless construction, strength and shape. Get a hot deal at WhichTyre. The heat created from the abrasive spinning action oxidises certain compounds within the rubber, which vaporise and are released as white smoke the grey tinge often seen in burnout smoke is caused by fine rubber particles mixed in with the smoke.

Coloured smoke tyres sydney

Unlike retreads, the tyres are completely rebuilt with an exclusevely high grade of rubber compund, then precsion balanced and tested to provide a perfectly formed tyre every time. From there the tyre goes into the segmented press where, over a period of 32 minutes at Celsius, the tread pattern and sidewall are moulded.

Coloured smoke tyres sydney

Coloured smoke tyres sydney

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