Colon rectal cancer and anal sex

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When specifically asked about colorectal cancer risk, participants noted that these factors were still relevant, listing factors such as increased age, genetics, stress, and the use of tobacco and alcohol. Less than a third of teenage boys got the whole vaccine.

Colon rectal cancer and anal sex

Given that anal sex has been linked to anal cancer via human papilloma virus HPV [ 11 ], it is possible, but unlikely, that participants erroneously made a connection between rectal sex and colorectal cancer instead of anal cancer. Some explanations included erroneous understandings of colorectal cancer development, such as excess dietary fat producing polyps and constipation increasing colorectal cancer risk.

Colon rectal cancer and anal sex

Colon rectal cancer and anal sex

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  1. A number of participants provided explanations for their beliefs, including presumed pathophysiologic rationale. Participants generally referred to increased risk of colorectal cancer among men who have sex with men and some participants made pejorative statements while connecting rectal sex with colorectal cancer risk.

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