Colleen mccullough violin

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In my mind, I was going to do what I knew how to do—be a musician—so that others somewhere far away could do what they knew how to do—be humanitarians. I had not thought about the possibility that these two roles could be intimately connected.

Colleen mccullough violin

Her playing never overwhelmed the string players but was assertive enough to provide the bony, hard-edged notes that gave texture to the first movement and the grandiose ascending chords that darken the opening of the last. The first movement was given a bouncy, jaunty performance, with particularly energetic work by Brad Whitfield on the clarinet.

Colleen mccullough violin

Colleen mccullough violin

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  1. She was an extremely attentive partner, her eyes as often on her colleagues as on the sheet music in front of her. The concert is the brainchild of violinist Jennifer Strom.

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