Coke pork worms

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This won't work with cooked pork and it won't work with a live pig. This is believed to be a type of tapeworm, according to the supporters of the rumor. So is it true or what?

Coke pork worms

Let us learn if the said claim is really a fact or not. You can check by putting the raw pork in the middle of the kitchen floor and pouring a whole bottle of Coke on it. It's true because it's science!

Coke pork worms

Coke pork worms

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  1. Tygozshura

    It's true because it's science! Anyone with even basic training in biology can tell you that there is nothing at all harmful about the worms in pork just so long as you cook the heck out of them before eating.

    Drop a Mento into a bottle of diet Coke and the Coke will try and flee the bottle because Mentos have tape worms in the middle.

    They caution people to be wary of consuming pork, that it can make them really sick when the parasites inside are ingested along with the meat.

    At great personal expense, we verified this conclusion by obtaining a pork chop from the local supermarket and marinating it in a can of Coca-Cola Classic, producing no discernable result other than a slightly soggy chop.

    I live in the south and have heard a rumor for several years now that I have been too busy or lazy to test myself.

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