Cocky and confident

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BUT it has worked time and time again. Instead what I was taught is that sacred masculinity, instead of needing to assert itself, is a force dedicated to the safety of creation. As Jeff said, I'm fortunate to know a number of truly confident people.

Cocky and confident

They ask what you do, how you do it, what you like about it, what you learned from it, and what they should do if they find themselves in a similar situation. And, oddly enough, people tend to respect you more for this--not less.

Cocky and confident

Cocky and confident

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  1. So they ask open-ended questions that give other people the freedom to be thoughtful and introspective:

    As a self-confident person, you accept that you are just a human being.

    Depending on the setting, sometimes I'm extremely assured.

    Arrogant people are more often emotionally devastated by material losses and may struggle harder to define their core values in the face of adversity.

    It reflects our basest nature.

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