Cliff diving melbourne

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If you still want to experience the cliff jump for yourself always be sure to check the depth of the water first, as it is often difficult to see with algae-filled water. The walk starts from the carpark on Two Bays Road, but if you want an easier access without the steep hike, you can start from Canadian Bay Road. You can also use the sheer cliff diving rock faces for abseiling or rock climbing, but with any of it be sure to take heed of safety warning and only do what is within your limits.

Cliff diving melbourne

Pound Bend, Warrandyte The Yarra River is an iconic stream running through Melbourne and stretching out to the wider parts of Victoria. It is home to over 45 species of bird, including a resident Peregrine Falcon, as well as koalas and abundant wildflowers and grasses.

Cliff diving melbourne

Cliff diving melbourne

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