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Cinderella briefly touches the Prince's hand and he begins to recognize her, but Lady Tremaine orders Cinderella placed on the next ship out of the kingdom. The King orders the Tremaines arrested, but they escape using the wand.


The intent is to have her killed. Both Cinderella and Anastasia then bring back the Fairy Godmother from her stone state, who offers to undo Lady Tremaine's change of events, but the offer goes unheard of, as Cinderella and the Prince get married on that day. She uses the wand to expand the slipper so that it can fit Anastasia, and the Grand Duke declares she must be the girl the Prince is looking for.



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  1. Determined to defend Anastasia for her honesty, Cinderella confronts Lady Tremaine and forbids her to use magic on either of them. In the ensuing struggle, Anastasia inadvertently turns the Fairy Godmother into a garden gnome.

    Cinderella makes it back to the wedding just in time to witness, to her amazement, Anastasia still using Cinderella's appearance saying "I don't", and declaring she only wants to be loved for herself, having realized that she doesn't truly love the Prince.


    The Prince embraces Cinderella and his true memories return. Barnes" as Prince Charming.

    Anastasia reunites Cinderella with the Prince and picks up the wand and returns to normal, then gives the wand to Cinderella and attempts to give the seashell back to the king, who lets her keep it by saying "Everybody deserves true love.

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