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Notably, the image of the transgender man at the center of the mural was intially left untouched, but by Thursday, that character had red spray paint scrawled across his face too. Despite violent threats on social media, the artists and gallery refuse to be silenced or shamed.

Cholos gay

Barrio Queerness is not a new concept or trend, it has always existed but has been silenced by centuries of patriarchy and machismo that plague our communities. Traditionally, in graffiti art, an artist will "tag" a piece with a signature and recognizable style.

Cholos gay

Cholos gay

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  1. Whoever defaced the mural probably "didn't even see it as trans," Paul says.

    Sorry for what has happened to your mural and to everyone's hard effort that feels shattered by the short-lived shining of this piece. Paul recognizes the irony that anti-LGBT vandals "crossed out everything except the trans person.

    This "was a deliberate crossing out [of] the faces and the message it had," says Rivera.

    Whoever defaced the mural probably "didn't even see it as trans," Paul says. But Paul's primary concern wasn't that his mural was defaced.

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