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Cerberus represented Cutting Edge Technology from the 's. To the casual observer there appeared to be no deterioration until a major collapse took place in Loaning photos for copying.

Cerberus hmas

Preceding HMS Devastation by almost three years, Cerberus was the first British warship to dispense completely with sail power and to incorporate the shallow draft. Cerberus incorporated the latest developments in metallurgy, steam power, gun turrets and the use of low freeboard.

Cerberus hmas

Cerberus hmas

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    Cerberus was the first, and is the only remaining example, of a Monitor having a central superstructure. To the casual observer there appeared to be no deterioration until a major collapse took place in

    Since then Cerberus has continued to collapse at a rate of approximately 16 mm per year.

    At this stage of the campaign we are not launching a public appeal.

    National Heritage List Cerberus has rested in three metres of water at Half Moon Bay since being scuttled to form a breakwater in

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