Cato tifton ga

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During follow-up visits, applicants may want to dress in interview attire, in case of on-the-spot hiring sessions. However, experienced retail workers from other brands may find work as a Cato store manager.

Cato tifton ga

Workers also discover a wide array of corporate job opportunities in marketing, finance, loss prevention, product development, e-commerce, and human resources at the company headquarters. However, experienced retail workers from other brands may find work as a Cato store manager. Primary job duties for entry-level associates include assisting with sales, dressing mannequins and arranging displays, ringing up purchases, and maintaining clean and organized store locations.

Cato tifton ga

Cato tifton ga

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  1. Common job duties range from assisting in sales to ringing up purchases and organizing shelves. Despite the minimum hiring age, the retailer requires no previous retail experience for entry-level associates.

    Job titles range from entry-level sales associate positions to upper-level management roles. When the customer leaves, make sure you always thank them, it makes them feel welcomed back.


    Cato also provides workers with exceptional discounts on merchandise.

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