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Several management ideas were related to infrastructure challenges or more global-industry ideas that cannot be addressed on existing farms or in a short time-frame. Microbiological studies of wild rodents in farms as carriers of pig infectious agents. After quantitation, the case histories were critically reviewed.


Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank the feed-company personnel and swine producers who participated in the focus groups and key-informant interviews. A reservoir of drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria in asymptomatic hosts.



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  1. Prevalence of Salmonella organisms in swine feed. If they understand the reasoning behind specific recommendations, they may be more likely to comply.

    To report quantitative evidence of the effectiveness of advanced practice nursing roles, clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners, in meeting the healthcare needs of older adults living in long-term care residential settings.

    The effect of feeding pigs on food naturally contaminated with salmonellae.

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