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Access to the island is by ferry. Promoted as the largest island National Park in Australia it is 35 km long, and km wide.

Cardwell queensland

This is a safe alternative. Waterfalls There are a number of waterfalls in the area, of which the most impressive are the Blencoe Falls and the Murray Falls - both to the north of the town. This area is now crossed by the Bruce Highway and a railway line allows 'The Sunlander' to speed across the creeks and swamps every day.

Cardwell queensland

Cardwell queensland

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  1. Dalrymple also brought his "black boy" servant, an Aboriginal man from Stradbroke Island that he called "Cockey". Very soon after disembarking from the Policeman, he endeavoured to create a road from the coast to the Valley of Lagoons largely by expanding already existing native paths.

    It is primarily for walkers and for people who enjoy the quietness of virgin rainforest and pristine beaches.

    The following year Cardwell was settled, the Old Royal Hotel was built, and Dalrymple did manage to find a track from the coast to the highlands.

    Share on Google Plus Located km north of Brisbane, Cardwell's claim to fame is that it is the only town on the Bruce Highway between Townsville and Cairns which is on the coast.

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