Can you go bald from dying your hair

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Although your case is a rare one it is something that is well worth reading and carefully thinking about. The latter serves as a natural protection for the hair. The normal colour protein of the hair also gets permanently damaged.

Can you go bald from dying your hair

Natural Hair Cycles Your hair grows in cycles, so you will sometimes notice more hair in your brush or on the shower drain or sink. This will ensure that the cuticle remains intact and the hair remains stronger.

Can you go bald from dying your hair

Can you go bald from dying your hair

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  1. The adverse effect of ammonia In order to stain the hair and rinse it, the hair dye has to penetrate a couple of layers of your hair to set permanently. Although there is not scientific research to back such claims, there exist few theories which strongly back the argument that regular hair dye on a longer term can cause damage to the hair and is a reason for a person to become bald.

    Non ammonia hair colors that claim no ammonia use an ammonia-like ingredient that does the same thing, but without the odor. The damage will not be noticeable.

    However, if a hair follicle dies, no new hair will be created By Dr. Don't Rule Out Other Conditions Even though you bleach or dye your hair, that might not be the cause of your hair loss.

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