Can two codependents be together

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Remember what I just said about wanting approval, acceptance, and love as a result of all that giving? Or at least the potential of knowing what it feels like to face each other in a connected way. Wherever the approval, acceptance, and love is going to be "felt" as a result of one's codependent giving..

Can two codependents be together

Codependent givers can be very difficult to be in a relationship with as well. This hurt the second codependent very deeply because it meant he no longer felt any love for her.

Can two codependents be together

Can two codependents be together

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  1. Malaktilar

    Codependency is based on a toxic mix of conditional love and unconditional commitment. The first codependent was even more hurt by this because he now knew that there was no love between them any more.

    But subconsciously, you're tired of suffocating by the pounce and even more tired of running. Except, we end up the kitten who ties herself up in the yarn who ends up choking herself with it because we don't know how to not be consumed by the relationships we engage in, until our real work is done.

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