Can mormons date christians

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If she says it does, then go through the many Scripture verses I refer to in the article that show the teachings of these Mormon "prophets and apostles" very clearly contradict those of the Bible. One problem that often arises is a religious stalemate in the marriage.

Can mormons date christians

I'm not sure which is the "deeper problem" that you a Christian are dating a Mormon or that you a Christian find "many spiritual similarities" with a Mormon. She's always told me she chooses the wrong guys, and she hasn't given me a chance yet. Give a copy to her and ask her if what I say the Mormon church teaches in that article is in fact what it teaches.

Can mormons date christians

Can mormons date christians

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  1. Now, I know you will think "That won't happen to us; we're too much in love! And accordingly, tries to "convert" the other.

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