Can i forgive myself

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You would tell them that everyone makes mistakes. Are you hard on yourself? The reality is that you cannot change what has happened.

Can i forgive myself

For example, you are not responsible for the misinterpretations or over-reactions of others. If you need to, look for help from someone you trust to examine what occurred. I have taken responsibility and done what I could to make things better.

Can i forgive myself

Can i forgive myself

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  1. You could also ask the inner protector to forgive you, or others out in the world, including maybe the person you wronged.


    These words can be devastating to someone who is asking for forgiveness. Let yourself feel it.

    Remember that you are not a bad person.

    Quiet the negative messages of your inner critic Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize the thoughts that are getting in the way of forgiveness.


    Interrupting the thought pattern can help you move away from the negative experience and reduce stress and anxiety. It also requires you to accept that forgiveness is a choice.

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