Campbelltown touch

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If the attacking team do not then use the ball the referee may award a Turnover. There is no replacement of a player who receives a card; Dangerous play, dissent, or any act contrary to good sportsmanship, will not be tolerated Penalty.

Campbelltown touch

Professor Lui will be among the international FIC experts gathering at a conference in Sydney on Saturday to discuss the latest research and hear stories from parents. This includes bumping, pushing or driving another player from the ball.

Campbelltown touch

Campbelltown touch

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  1. Any action intended to bring an opponent to ground is considered dangerous play Penalty ; When the ball is loose on the ground and being contested, there is to be no heavy contact. Nurseries offering Level 2 care are more common.

    This includes bumping, pushing or driving another player from the ball.

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