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It is an ideal place for a picnic and has excellent facilities for children. This unique recreation of an old town is sensibly located in a large building and has an extensive number of authentic recreations of shops which would have been commonplace on the northwest coast of Tasmania around the turn of the century. By the settlement, although still tiny, was opened up with land being surveyed and sold to settlers.

Burnie tasmania

The construction of the Associated Pulp and Paper Mills in was instrumental in the town's population growing to 10 by The street includes a saddler and boot maker, a blacksmith, a printer, a photographer and even a dentist's surgery with a range of old equipment including a foot operated drill. See Also Tasmania travel guide Later in a small settlement was established at Blackman's Point it was named because of a large Aboriginal midden which was found in the area at the western end of Emu Bay - near the present city centre.

Burnie tasmania

Burnie tasmania

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  1. They named Round Hill Point and noticed a 'peak like a volcano' near where Burnie now stands.


    The influence of forestry had a major role on Burnie's development in the s with the founding of the pulp and paper mill by Associated Pulp and Paper Mills in [4] and the woodchip terminal in the later part of the century. In the s a railway was built through the difficult terrain between Zeehan and Burnie.

    Advertisement Things to see Burnie Park Burnie Park with its lawns, shady walkways, animal enclosures and Burnie Inn is one of the prettiest parks in Tasmania. Burnie has a central business district with several national retailers.

    Most industry in Burnie was based around the railway and the port that served it. The centre offers a Paper Making Tours in which visitors can engage in a hands-on demonstration of paper making.

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