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You can look at a lot of kids through video and not know the character they have. Evans understands the skepticism around his young prospects, but says his process gives greater insight for coaches than just seeing a high school player's highlights. Bunchie center, orange hair and his classmates raise their hands, hoping to be chosen as a helper during class.


Kaleb Herndon, 6, doesn't have any scholarship offers, but Evans insists he has schools looking at him already because "he looks like a 9-year-old" and his parents are 6-foot-1 and 6-foot Bunchie helps his 4-year-old sister Maxine figure out how to play a video on a tablet. Maxine usually goes to all of his training sessions and hangs out at Bunchie's practices and games.



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    Family friends come down from the stands to greet Bunchie and his dad after the game. Faith and football are the two biggest components of Bunchie's life.

    Bunchie leaves three Cerritos Vypers defenders in the grass as he scores one of his three touchdowns. With weights in hand, Bunchie runs hills while training.

    That's what measures a good athlete and a good person. Dave Young, Bunchie's father, hangs out with Bunchie and Finney after training.

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