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Tim Smith amongst his Riesling vines. To make a mess of. Give it some air and you'll find something more delicate, cooler, juicy and spicy and balanced.


Some whole bunches in the ferment, 12 months aging in old French oak. The flavors mingle easily on the finish. This allows the Mataro fruit, which has a similar tannin structure to Shiraz, to be ready to drink upon release as well as having some serious cellaring potential.



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  1. Medium bodied, it has the classic regional characters of spicy, plummy fruit and black pepper with soft finishing tannins. Then, spending time in the Northern Rhone Valley further convinced me of its suitability to the cooler regions of this country.

    Tannin takes careful control as the wine moves through the palate. Whole bunch, barrel ageing on lees, no fining or filtration".

    Red and black berries, fennel, earth, mineral and wood smoke.

    Similar in meaning and usage to "fuck all", as in The Wog Boy:

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