Buff guys having sex

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Doing so is not only respectful of a person's pronouns you don't know — it's also one small step in a massive social movement to challenge binarism and take down archaic notions of gender. I know many dominant trans men and have played with some of them. Sex, too, is not all about parts and anatomy, and focusing too much on physical acts ignores the powerful mental, tactile, romantic, and explorative sides of human sexuality.

Buff guys having sex

I still remember the few times I slipped up and wrongly assumed a trans person's pronouns. I also know some cis gay guys who hate the word "cock" and bristle at its use. Having sex with trans men doesn't make you sexually adventurous.

Buff guys having sex

Buff guys having sex

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  1. Many trans men are tops! You're always allowed to ask what feels good — and you should communicate what feels good to you, too.


    The memories still fill me with shame and embarrassment.

    A majority of my experiences with trans men have been dominant-submissive with me as the sub.

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