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In high school I was a self-taught computer programmer. I lost about 13 pounds which is great because I only really needed to rid myself of 20 pounds.


That was incredible and I learned a lot. This is the most important topic there is. We can control it with every choice we make at the kitchen table.



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  1. I love creating content that resonates with people—the kind that entertains and inspires, but also informs.

    Then I left to create content unencumbered by the restrictions of TV. Go to your class reunion—some of you are in your twenties and look like your forties.

    Changes happen in the brain decades before the first symptom.

    I love creating content that resonates with people—the kind that entertains and inspires, but also informs. The research has been fascinating.

    Recipe Library with all our favorite meals and recipes low-sugar And more! There are ways that we can live and eat to prevent type 2 diabetes.

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