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The Cecil Hoskins Reserve road just next to it takes you to the site. Charles Throsby, one of the first settlers in the area.

Bong bong nsw

However, if you look around, you can get some idea of what it must have been like. Although famous at the time, it closed some years later after Berrima was established The Old South Road was built by Dr.

Bong bong nsw

Bong bong nsw

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  1. Many pioneers of the Wingecarribee are buried in the churchyard: Already by , when Governor Macquarie visited the area, Throsby had taken up a acre grant on the southern side of the river opposite Bong Bong and had a substantial herd grazing there.

    Marked as farms on early maps, more likely they were crop and stock enclosures with huts for equipment.

    Thirty acres 12 hectares fronting the great bend of the river were reserved in for a government establishment at Bong Bong. The church is still used today, and sadly, only open to the tourist during services.

    But it is the ghosts of Bong Bong past which have more importance in Australian history. BONG Bong was not a residential settlement but a centre for the administration of law and order, with some basic services for the scattered rural population.

    The site included a group of three paddocks with huts on the east bank of the river just north of the crossing-place. Near these huts, about metres up from the river, was a burial ground where grave mounds could still be discerned in the s.

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