Bon jovi brisbane

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The pop-rock band fit the night well, but didn't seem to get much of a reaction from the crowd, despite best efforts and a solid performance. Click here for more photos from the show. When the first line hit, everybody screamed with excitement.

Bon jovi brisbane

With that, the Brisbane crowd melts off into the Thursday night, no doubt reminded that the alarm clock will be ringing on Friday morning - and no doubt inspired, like Tommy and Gina, to imagine the day when they can follow their dreams and stick it to The Man. Vocally, Jon might not be able to directly recreate the outstanding notes of the past but his charisma and stage presence more than made up for a few minor shortcomings. These moments were monumental and hard to recreate.

Bon jovi brisbane

Bon jovi brisbane

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The neck sustained straight into 's 'Stern Counsellor'. Those moments were reverent and hard to share.

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