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Others argued that while it is important to protect the young, new media has a key role to play in helping to democratize the country, and curtailing content does not come without risks. The six-minute video clip appears to show pop singer Nazril Irham, known as Ariel, in bed with his girlfriend Luna Maya, a model, actress, and, up until the scandal, the face of Lux beauty soap.

Blog video sex indonesia

While Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim nation, already had laws and regulations in place restricting pornography, this new leak is stirring up trouble in the government over how to address these issues. Phoenix marie goes on top of seth gambles cock free mobile hd por HD Porn Videos sorted by hits and categories:

Blog video sex indonesia

Blog video sex indonesia

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  1. Public pressure forced it, eventually, to be shelved. Then a second eight-minute video emerged, purportedly showing Ariel with a former girlfriend, also a well-liked model and television presenter, further fanning public appetite for more.

    The two deny it was them, saying the footage has been doctored, but were called in for questioning by the police.

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