Black guy with no teeth

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I fear an apocalypse would be in order if I executed such an action. The alveolar bone is unique in that it exists for the sake of the teeth that it retains; when the teeth are absent, the bone slowly resorbs.

Black guy with no teeth

Note that the depiction above shows a very excessive change and that this many take many years of denture wear to achieve. While the extraction of non-restorable or non-strategic teeth by a dentist does contribute to edentulism, the predominant cause of tooth loss in developed countries is periodontal disease. If enough posterior teeth are missing, this will not only affect their chewing abilities, but also their occlusion ; posterior teeth, in a mutually protected occlusion , help to protect the anterior teeth and the vertical dimension of occlusion and, when missing, the anterior teeth begin to bear a greater amount of force for which they are structurally prepared.

Black guy with no teeth

Black guy with no teeth

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