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The basic approach used is as follows. The dividend y is used as a diminishing counter that controls how many times this loop is executed.

Bf fuck

Unless the quotient is 2 or 3, just output x, having kept a copy of it during the division. And finally a newline from Cell 6 For "readability", this code has been spread across many lines and blanks and comments have been added.

Bf fuck

Bf fuck

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  1. Print out c0 which has the value 55 which translates to "7"! It can be used to write any program, but it is not practical to do so, because Brainfuck provides so little abstraction that the programs get very long or complicated.

    The basic approach used is as follows.

    Unless the quotient is 2 or 3, just output x, having kept a copy of it during the division. This is partly because any mildly complex task requires a long sequence of commands; partly it is because the program's text gives no direct indications of the program's state.

    Each time the loop is executed, the current cell is decremented, the data pointer moves to the right, that next cell is incremented, and the data pointer moves left again. It must map all other characters to themselves; it reads characters one at a time and outputs their enciphered equivalents until it reads an EOF here assumed to be represented as either -1 or "no change" , at which point the program terminates.

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