Beta meditation

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Music can be a very powerful tool in with the ability to change between the various states and also have a positive impact on our health and general well-being. This is where listening to beta binaural beats come in; like using a tuning fork for a piano, your mind tunes up to the right pitch.

Beta meditation

You may feel a sense of floating. They are the slowest of the brain waves and occur during very deep sleep. Increasing your beta waves may lead to higher levels of concentration, increase motivation, increased energy and increased focus but too many beta waves may result in stress.

Beta meditation

Beta meditation

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  1. Increasing your delta waves reduces levels of the cortisol hormone. Beta frequency binaural-beat audio signals were utilized to investigate facilitation of human performance on two memory tasks and two memory related tasks.

    Binaural beats are able to improve our sleep, concentration, learning ability and physical energy levels, all in a natural, harmless way.

    There are five main types of brainwaves, each with different frequencies.

    The rule of thumb is the more complex the cognitive process, the higher the frequency. They are the slowest of the brain waves and occur during very deep sleep.

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