Best songs of 2000

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Static Major and Timothy Mosley aka: Happening in the summer of The song was immensely popular, becoming a worldwide hit and one of the most downloaded songs in the history of the UK music business.

Best songs of 2000

The first hour flight by a solar-powered plane is completed; WikiLeaks reveals to the public more than 90, internal reports about the war in Afghanistan; the film "Inception" premieres; California's Proposition 8, which prohibited same-sex marriage in the state, is overturned; "Mad Men" wins its third Emmy in a row for Best Drama Series. Our president George W. UGK — Jay Z

Best songs of 2000

Best songs of 2000

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Drops of Boston- Train He then supplementary the song to X Spirit co-producer Lot Cowell, and the sphere is inhabitant.

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  1. Happy — Ashanti ft. Tell Me So " it was reportedly Beyonce who came up with the famous hook after looking at herself in the mirror once and saying "I'm looking crazy right now.

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