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The Compendium Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist As part of an ongoing twenty-year project, curator Hans Ulrich Obrist recruited more than 60 renowned artists to contribute instructions for creating and exhibiting artwork. Laid out with large, colorful pictures, you can flip through the artworks and read selections about how that particular artist deals with art world challenges in a refreshing and candid manner. Congdon goes into detail about best practices to market and promote your artwork, navigate the world of galleries and collectors, and get a handle on the legal side of things.

Best artist books

The primary aim of most art books is not to provide an academic's understanding of art, but rather to help those of us with little grounding in the field gain access to the works therein discussed. And that's a welcome distinction for most people with but a casual interest in the arts. Many art books use humor or attitude to keep the reader engaged, and there is nothing wrong with embracing a book that takes a casual tone when dealing with its subject matter.

Best artist books

Best artist books

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  1. That is why reading an art book will usually offer more long-term value than reading about a single work or an artist's biography.

    The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist Lisa Congdon Lisa Congdon started out as a hobbyist and transformed her passion into a business that lets her make a full-time living as an artist.


    In this practical guide, she uses this firsthand experience to lay out a framework for taking your artistic career to the next level.

    Social Media One of the most difficult parts about leaving art school and starting your own art business is that you no longer have a built in support system. Cay Lang takes you through the very practical steps you need to take to establish a career as a professional artist.

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