Being stalked at work

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You need to know if a restraining order is in place, so encourage the victim to disclose the relevant information regarding the worksite. If the stalker has a grievance, suggest appropriate means of addressing the problem e. Occupational Damage Stalking in the workplace can have a detrimental impact on work performance not only for the victim, but also those they work with.

Being stalked at work

The most effective way to reduce the impact of stalking is to determine how the victim and other employees can be supported. Here are some steps an employer may take to help maintain the safety of an employee who is being stalked: You need to know if a restraining order is in place, so encourage the victim to disclose the relevant information regarding the worksite.

Being stalked at work

Being stalked at work

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  1. If any other coworkers have witnessed incidents or have been affected, this is the time to enlist their help.

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