Being faithful is easy

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Social media have really helped people to cheat easily. A long time ago I thought I was, of course I wasn't and pretty much lost everything.

Being faithful is easy

The moment she requested to join me I felt something that in the past I had never felt before: A long time ago I thought I was, of course I wasn't and pretty much lost everything. We are more complicated, less tolerant and less forgiving but we are more sure of ourselves, more mature and probably more realistic about life.

Being faithful is easy

Being faithful is easy

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And I would be bright and every because as my mother always wont me, the lesser thing to do is always the bipolar thing to do. But this one wasn't a "consequence" at all. Being faithful is easy

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  1. Why are we always online? She introduces herself and I feel "my game" completely gone.

    And yet, there it was.

    Let's quickly return to the original relationship danger zone Now the question simply is, can we fall in love with each other as the people we are right now?

    Then there is real life:

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