Bedroom ideas for single man

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Add a bit of personality to the room with unique artwork or interesting prints. In the bedroom, you can spot some items that are travel-inspired. Well, it depends on what the owner wants.

Bedroom ideas for single man

Do not use more than two or three paint colors so as to keep visual fragmentation of the bedroom to a bare minimum. Adding a few furnishings that can easily be folded away when not in use can help save a precious few square feet.

Bedroom ideas for single man

Bedroom ideas for single man

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  1. Here are 60 inspirational contemporary spaces that will help you in picking out the style, colors and decor that best suit your own little haven… Exquisite bachelor pad with a walk-in closet by Architology Gorgeous bedroom in cool grey hues Platform bed integrated with built-in nightstands by Ian Engberg Rugs and drapes add class to the bachelor pad!

    Appartament 2 3D Peppers The bed has a denim texture that looked nice with the wooden features of the bedroom. The space does look a bit dark as it used dark gray beddings under a black ceiling.

    And yes, it has gray colors too with black and white accents. That holds true for a bachelor pad bedroom as well.

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