Become a superhuman

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Superhuman OS The Psychic Science of Remote Viewing One of the most fascinating and easily accessible of all our innate powers is the ability to remote view. According to those that have attained them and teach the process of doing so, being able to demonstrate superhuman abilities or is kind of like training for the olympics. However, in recent years Ken has developed a program called Superhuman OS that is accessible to anyone and allows people to access his most advanced teachings in a fairly simple way.

Become a superhuman

Tibetan monks meditated for decades to master the control of their physical and etheric bodies and beyond, learning to travel the astral planes and afterlife, and sorcerers in medieval times sought countless magical powers from healing the sick to controlling others through the use of herbs, spells and spirits. Anyone who puts in the time and effort can qualify, but only the most talented go on to win the gold or even place in the top three. In this video, Wim talks about his process of developing superhuman control of his body and mind, and you can see footage of him performing some of the miraculous feats outlined above:

Become a superhuman

Become a superhuman

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  1. This could be interpreted as a melding of exceptional mind-body control combined with psychokinesis. One man, Kosta Danaos, a greek engineer, was able to find John somewhere in Indonesian—not an easy thing to do I might add—through a series of highly synchronous events.

    Anyone who puts in the time and effort can qualify, but only the most talented go on to win the gold or even place in the top three. This is because each siddhi has its own subtleties and nuances and often times requires mastery of one or more of the different faculties of the human mind, body, energy body and spirit.

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