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The local club was a short walk away through an ajoining gate and had a playground for the children and a children's menu. There are names and numbers of contact people on the website. Land was placed at the disposal of the married men who were assisted in constructing temporary houses for themselves and their families.

Bargo australia

Ladies social competition are usually run on a Tuesday during school terms. Two separate rooms with TV in each was handy. On that expedition John Price, a servant of Governor Hunter, recorded that he had seen a koala and a lyrebird.

Bargo australia

Bargo australia

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  1. Teams on unbogged wagons were attached to teams on bogged vehicles to help pull them free; sometimes only to see them sink again! In addition, the Potholes which is located near Mermaid Pools have been a local communal gathering point for summer swimming since early European Settlers and continues to be an attraction for local residents.

    The first thing which strikes many is the peace and calm.

    The Bargo Brush is a rare shrub found only in abundance in the Bargo area and commonly found around Mermaid Pools.

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