Balmoral southern highlands

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Soon a slab building with iron roof was erected by Balmoral parents on land offered at a nominal lease. Its history follows here.

Balmoral southern highlands

In , on a donated block of land, a small church was erected. This served until when a new non-denominational church was built to cater for all Christians. These services continued until

Balmoral southern highlands

Balmoral southern highlands

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  1. A Post Office at the station opened in and other housing estates, known as Hilltop and Waratah, were subsequently established. He felt it inconsistent for them to complain about their children's train journey to Hill Top, yet base their claim for a school on the expectation that Buxton children would travel the 3 or 4 miles to a school at Balmoral.

    Murray's rather neat solution was to recommend the school at Jellore become a half-time school with Balmoral. These services continued until

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