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Tel 02 for more information or check out http: The result was a larger and higher viewing platform to overlook Ballina, the Richmond River and local beaches.

Ballina nsw

Also exhibited is a history of the Port of Ballina, a tribute to women in the Australian Navy, exhibits of river boats and tugs which worked on the Richmond River, and an excellent display covering the history of nautical transport from dugout canoes to diesel engines. It is part of the town and no one, in spite of the protestations of a local architect who believed Ballina would become the "raw prawn capital of the world", really cares about this rather dated Big Thing. It is an ideal way to see the town and its surrounds.

Ballina nsw

Ballina nsw

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  1. There plan was for a series of "big" things running from Melbourne to Brisbane up the Hume and Pacific Highways. It was bought by a local developer in

    And the town is known for its handsome and impressive 19th century public buildings. They were looking for stands of cedar.

    It is an ideal way to see the town and its surrounds. But Ballina has much more than the Big Prawn.

    Location Ballina is located km north of Sydney via the Pacific Highway and is only 90 km from the Queensland border. It weighed eight tonnes and was unveiled in after objections to the structure had been lodged by disgruntled local citizens.

    It was subsequently sold to Santo Panisi who was only interested in the land and saw the prawn as a huge headache.

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